Love my new mommy look

I love my new make over!!! ♡♡♡


One happy child coming up! (Pic)

Hello loves!

I figure while my hair is soaking in dye for a while, i have been ITCHING for a new do. It was time to donate my hair again, its been years but i know some happy kid will be happy 🙂 this time i gotta actually MAIL it i had others to mail them.

While my best friend had her hair cut. I immediately wanted another cut. I had seen my hair guy a month and half prior, texted him and he was so excited. Now im excited. I was freaking i mean its my hair!!!! Its so soft too. I realized DONATION i should donate my hair! I couldnt believe i have forgotten. Of course i trust my hair guy too 😀

Story of my hair guy, once he got his certificate from gene jorez (sp) salon academy, he didnt want to specialize in one thing. I literally started with him in his mammas kitchen, her house her kitchen to this salon about 20 min away to another 45 min away HES WORTH IT i couldnt stand anyone else doing it, to somewhere about 5 minutes away. ♡♡♡ hes a manager one day he will have his own salon. Its wonderful to see him grow here and there. I will follow him and stay loyal to his cuts 😀

I cannot wait to see my new do!

Have a good night loves



Fall.. FALL! Halloween! Horrors! (pics)



Good Morning Loves!


I do not know if I have mentioned how much I *love* fall & winter – Halloween is one of them! Gotta love the snuggles of blankets, hoodies, hot drinks, the cold crisp air. I have enjoyed Halloween ever since I was a little girl, once I got too old for trick or treating, I was taken to a haunted house, then every year I go at LEAST once… it’s a must. 😀 I also loved growing up watching horror movies: Chucky, IT, Jaws, those oldies! Of course pyshco! My favorite was 13th ghost, my first scary movie was Jurassic park – I must have been 12 when it came out, I would be in my grandma’s room, they had an adjustable bed, I would have it set as  hill like, so I would duck down those “scary” parts, the first day, I did it a lot, then I had nightmares, the next day I cut down half, by the 3rd day I was DETERMINED to not duck down… I watched the whole thing, of course now I am in my 30s the first one was kinda corny, but that’s good memory for me. I cannot wait to see the new one 😀

I got this at work – this 180 head spinning baby girl, I get to post it online, and of course I had fun with it, she did not work, but she looked AWESOME!

Please do share your favorite horror film, recommendations.

I still cannot sleep with the closet door open because of IT, and my body part has to be on the bed completely because of JAWS and Boogeyman… yes… I know… lame.


BUT plus side… I was able to get buy 3 get 3 free with dollar shipping of 30 dollars or more purchase  online bath body works – I stocked up on bath wash! 😀 yayiness!


Have a good day!


❤ Amber

PS – my friend is doing self empowerment blog – check it out!



Always “TRY” to focus on the positive

via Always “TRY” to focus on the positive

Hello Loves!

For those who are looking for positive intake / a uplift article i recommend clicking the link on top of this blog – there are pictures

She writes:

Each day we have the choice to decide how our day goes, we either can own the day or let the day own us. That’s not to say that we there won’t be day we feel like staying in bed, days that make us sink to the depths of despair and days that everything goes wrong. However we have the choice to dwell in it or try to move forward.


Each day choose to be happy, help others, spread love and positivity everywhere you go. Choose to rise above the drama, focus your lens on the positivity and blur the negativity!






Even I can be little bad…

“Laugher is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever”

Morning Loves!

I know I am known for those sweet smiles, not everyone can stay mad at me long. That is part of my charm, now, last night my husband looked at our bank statement O.O my smiles was not able to charm that one away, lets say I have been getting a bit carried away with Joann shopping trips, Tuesday Morning, Mary Kay, counting threads, amazon, and other make up things, I managed to keep my hair appointment on weds, we talked and we are going to watch our spending, so therefore summer is over, trips are over, we are buckling down – so I will have to start making table runners out of my scraps. which is fine, and I have other projects I can do. I will admit I got carried away with my transformations. it stops.

You will hear me giggle, and laugh often, maybe times that just doesn’t seem right, I have a wild imagination, that is part of who I am, and I do love to day dream, people may get irked with me, but that is there problem, one of the things I have learned is to steer away from black clouds. that is what I do, if I am stuck with some black clouds at work, I try to keep my step away from that side, at least I have my own work place 🙂

Here is to pintrest for simple table runners without me going out to buy more fabric! if you have any ideas… please do flee it to my way.

Have a good day & good Monday ❤

❤ Amber


Calling for Makeup / skin care peeps

Hello loves –

this summer, I got myself into make up – I want to do more skin care, take better care of my skin, I am in my 30s and I already see some age spots, I ended up getting mary kay CC foundation, blush, time wise under eyes, primers, I have face makeup removal wipes, using different brands of eye shadow I discovered urban decoy which is amazing, maybeline eye linar non smudge, so its a various of brands

what I am asking for – I am on a budget, other than Mary kay – what skin care do you use? what face wash do you use?

any tips are welcome!






Life can be so wonderful if you let it

Never let yourself forget that life is only as wonderful as you can believe it can be – from my daily quotes on my phone

Morning Loves!

Happy Saturday or happy caturday for those crazy cat peeps (like myself), yesterday was a good day, had some what of a negative night, but it picked up quickly, communication can be really difficult to handle especially if the negative emptions feeds off each other, I find myself noticing I started to send a negative text then I decided to turn off my phone, I could not let that happen, turned off my phone for the whole night. I do want to encourage myself to do so, and get a bit disconnected with my phone on weekends and evenings, not ending all communication, but I had fun spending some time on the floor with my son. Yesterday I saw my consulter for the first time in like a month (travels & pains were the reasons why I missed so much – summer is over its going to settle now) I had so much to talk about, I still do, and I feel better. I had someone and she retired, then I had someone I was not comfortable with so I did not have someone for like a year, or longer, and now I have someone, I know it will help.

for the quote – this is a good one – I do believe, I do feel I am extremely lucky, I can remember back when I first moved in with my husband – as a boyfriend / girlfriend 10 years ago, no wait 11. We were splitting things 50 50 on rent, we take turns on the foods, I pay my own phone bills, car bills, gas, he was doing the same for himself. We were tight, I could only afford to go place to A to B, I know I lost friends that way because most had money to spend also was still supported by their parents / on social security (I was 21 when I moved out), then he purposed to me, we moved into my mom’s house, we were still tight but we saved money for the wedding and such, then we got married in 2009, we moved into a cheap old house 650 a month, one gas heater in the house took up a lot of the living room, floors were incomplete in the whole house, it was a mess, we lived there for about a year and some, I was working part time at target they kept cutting hours, Chris got laid off – before he was laid off, we did not have cable, we did not have internet we could not afford any of that stuff, we ate a lot of mac and cheese, hamburger helpers with lots of noodles to stretch it out (no food stamps / or food banks), he got laid off that really hurt us, and jobs were not hiring a deaf person, it was challenging for me, we were 3 months behind on bills & we almost lost his car, our cat kept getting sick and the vet bills were pricey. cc were maxed out, my car was having all kinds of problems. it was awful. he got hired and worked at a better place, it took us like 6 months to get caught up on stuff, we moved to another house better house. we didn’t pay off the cc (oh lets not forget school loans) til we moved into our current house – while we still struggled we managed to get the car payment caught up and such, we had to get a new car because mine was just so dangerous. It must be about 6 years ago that we finally bought a house, our cc were maxed out, chris had to drain his 401K to have 5k for the down payment for our house, we had been approved 150K but we could only afford 125K we got a 3 bedroom house 2 baths, nice neighborhood with cuesac (sp?) no busy roads safe for kids which our son plays a lot with the kids, 1980s house for 127k short sale, we were LUCKY also with a garage. our payment was 880 a month – cheaper than rent of a house / apartment around here, now property taxes went up so of course that went up too. but still not bad, now our house is worth about 280k I was like O.O it is amazing how the market crashed then it went sky rocket. we were LUCKY.

the entire time all of this – my husband was so stressed out – I mean who wouldn’t be? I kept telling him  we are the richest people in the world, because we have each other and I would give him a hug and a kiss, I always hoped it helped, but maybe it did. we had each other, 2 cats and a dog. man am I GRATEFUL for where we are right now, we have a roof over our head, a wonderful son, friends and family. While I was stressed and worried, I still believe we could still make it. I will not forget how broke / dirt poor we were, I would not believe how much we almost lost. I hope we don’t go back to that because have been spoiled to the luxury of having 2 incomes of working, my job I may not be able to support me and my son alone, but my income pays for gas, food, and a couple bills.

I led a wonderful life in the past present & I believe it will be wonderful in the future. ❤

How about you?

Today we are going to the state fair, would be fun! have a wonderful weekend!

my friend is doing self empowerment blog –

❤ Amber