Was on cloud 9 last night (pics)

May be way up high loved it was on cloud 9
Met our hawk for the team

so happy! His first football game our first nfl game hawks lost but it was so much fun!


First NFL game I am so ready! (Photo) go hawks!

Morning loves!

Today my first NFL game I have to work today, but I am heading straight to CenturyLink after work first time to drive in Seattle in 10 some years I’m extremely anxious I know I got this. I am so excited and its endzone seating!

Hubby anniversary gift to me!

Have a good day!♡♡

Tell me your experience on your NFL games if you been. I also enjoy hockey games on glass! 😀 so much fun and excitement

My friend is doing self empowerment/ inspiration



Changing Moods / Be in control of yours

Good Evening Loves!

I have about 10 minutes to write something – I am going to write about moods. Yesterday I ended up sending a email to my boss (I work for online sales and I love it – so much fun) about concerns of auctions of another co worker, because that person was fairly new, and I remember starting out with ZERO experience, they took a major chance on me, which I am grateful for. 7 years later I still learn new things and it got easier, I couldn’t take photographs to save my life, my auctions were so bad. I always have room for improvements, I also remember having a lot of RETURNS, which is a lot more money to refund, and I did not want to see that happening to that person, so it was shared to that person by email – and some how everyone in the building found out & started talking about it. Without me knowing about it, I walked in with my coffee doing hiiiii good mornings, the hip bumps and I get glared at, co worker start ranting on how messed up job I did last night, and how it was awful. I looked at her with horror, and I was like, I was expressing concerns, and I wanted to point out some things to help, and she goes on how I should have told the co worker directly instead of the boss (the manager – we do not have a supervisor at the moment) so I told her, I cannot do that because it is not my job, and I am not supposed to do that. (previously we were all told we are unable to give inputs or training unless told otherwise) and I explained my intentions and she tells me she tells that person anyways not the boss.

So I get irked, of course I am thinking over and over in my head.. WHY… I mean.. WHY – then everyone in the building is talking about it – some agrees and some disagrees, I understand BOTH sides how it could look bad and my intentions, so I was not gonna let that get to me, I don’t even know or understand why everyone was upset because it had nothing to do with them. I left those who were fuming over it, and moved on. I emailed my boss explaining & expressing we talked it out, I emailed the co worker about my intentions and how I was sorry if I made him feel bad, and told about my background, I got a email back a positive one, how he knew I was looking out, and my intentions were pure. Nothing else mattered,  it ended peacefully between the three of us, however, others… they decided to grunge, my choice? “its over, its a new day, I am not going to let this get to me”

I put my headphones on, put on some music, got my dancing queen going on, I was in a good mood, I was in a happy mood, today turned out great!

I ended up taking a co worker (different one) shes my buddy, to pick up her dad from the hospital (hes okay) and took them home, hit the gym by 4 pm, as planned mon & weds – try for Fridays & sats too. first time in 2 weeks, I decided to do weights, I did leg benching, arm works & abs, believe me I will be SORE tomorrow I treated myself something naughty…. a hydrobed…. a body massage…. it wasn’t long enough HAHA. I enjoyed those blissful minutes – staffs were surprised how high of pressure I started off with for my first time because my body was going to ache, and it does now, and I am behind a computer / sit down a lot. So yea, that was so blissful.

I come home in a relaxed mood, I also made an appointment with a trainer next week so I can create my own program to work on my body (currently trying to lose weight – I lost 20 lbs, but I want to build more going on.) my husband had a bad day – didn’t tell me, if he did I didn’t hear him, he played his video game, that’s fine, I start doing chores right away – pick up johns room, living room, worked on kitchen, started laundry then John comes home, and my husband  had to deal with the car seat in his car he got frustrated and got pretty mad, snapped at me. Okay – so he starts watching TV John is having a meltdown (hes 3) and I start getting overwhelmed still not knowing that he had a bad day at work, I start talking to him he zones out on me, and he got upset when I got frustrated thinking I was picking on him, nagging. I was trying to explain I was trying to talk to him, he stormed out. okay I sat down feeling so heated while John is throwing a fit I tried to talk to John he eventually calmed down, I did some breathing, I bit my tongue, he comes home with dinner, which is great! he is still in a foul mood, I ask “do you want to talk about what happened today?” when he told me he had a bad day wanted to relax.

“No, but I am sure I don’t have a choice” in that tone…

I said “of course you have a choice, I was wanting to see what happened at work, if you don’t want to talk about it fine.”

he says hes in a bad mood, I said okay well what can we do to get you out of that, I start asking him why don’t you tell me what your grateful for today, do a gratitude – he gives me a weird look and said no, he starts eating, then I try to start talking about how we can lift his mood up to change his night, he tells me it was not going to happen. I told him he shouldn’t be thinking like that. so I started talking about my day, and the gym, talking to John  he finishes dinner quickly.

He became a better mood when John did something silly. it was that simple. I know my challenge is how to help change others’ moods, or how can I help effect their moods… I want more joy, more positive, less fighting, bull heading, anger.    I am even working with John to breathe when hes upset, express his feelings without screaming and being mad.

I want to continue to grow.  While I got hit a few times today with the anger and negative nastiness that I had no control of, I ended up sitting on this couch at 730 at night, feeling content. 🙂 why? my whole family is within less than 5 feet of me. I cant help but smile right now.

I have been walking around a lot with a big smile on my face, and looking content. I hope this helps my anxiety tomorrow when I have to drive to Seattle after work, it has been 10 years since I have driven there. I still haven’t had directions from where I need to be from my husband. But it will happen.

Have a great night Loves – remember you can be in control of your moods, do not let the black cloud take you from your joy.

❤ Amber

PS my friend is doing self empowerment blog – check it out if you have time. – love that.. bubblebath!


Eekkk! Tentacle kitty!

My new baby ♡♡ kickstarter

Eeekkkk! As a comic lover, kitty lover, werido – I was over the moon just to back this 😀 I have several, one amethyst large john of course steals it my first one I got going to comic con, I got John 2 little ones, one from 2 years ago comic con and he smiled so big when we gave it to him, then I got one I wanted (LOL) put it in his stocking for Christmas. He sleeps with MINE. But thats okay. I have ANOTHER one, a friend snatched a comic con exclusive mocha kitty! She comes with a cup that looks like starbucks but with the kitty logo instead of the mermaid and she has 3 different colors its so cute looks like a mocha. So i have over 35 starbucks mugs (city / states) in my china hutch so shes placed behind the glass. No touchy there!

So excited **happy dance**

♡ Amber

Ps my friend does a wonderful blog self empowerment I look up to her. Check it out


Lunch time! What’s your lunch

My lunch, a protein shake it tastes like cupcakes ♡ designer lite vanilla coconut mixed with unsweetened almond milk and knitting

Hello loves!

I hope your tuesday is going well. Today is definitely a good day so far, just all smiles and positive. I am starting to say what i am grateful for everyday the daily gratitude.

While i come in at work 7 am with my bag and coffee, someone else as well im all peppy morning hiii how are you thing going on, her response? Eye roll and saying “amber too early in the morning u do not need coffee” 930 after break passing her while she goes to break and i go back to work she still has coffee mine is long gone! I smile do a small walk dance hiiiiiii and her response? Deep sigh 930 amber its 930 all i could do is chuckle. Then 10 ish she walks past me im like hiiii (name)and a smile her response? A smile 🙂

Thrusday i am going to my first nfl game, super stoked!! I got my jersey picked, my hat, my team jacket, jewelry eeekkk oh btw im a seattle seahawks fan! So ill be all ready during work then head off to seattle.

For the first time since the last couple years i am actually excited about xmas and getting things going. Instead of stressing I started some shopping. For my friends and co workers. I am also gonna make some goodies for my neighbors the ones i do not know im giving them couple of dish rags and do the whole happy holidays but 2 of my neighbors i have a relationship with im thinking bread, or cookies oh boy ♡

Have a wonderful day!

What is your gratitude for the day &whats your lunch?

My friends are doing a blog on inspirational postive empowerment please check it out –

❤ Amber


Monday – how did it go?


Hello Loves!


I trust that your Monday went well 🙂

My day started off goofy when I put on my “bright” lipstick on, I have never been a lipstick person, while I am trying to get back into the make up routine / skin care at least, someone had thrown in the “rouge red” Marykay lipstick as a gift. It was dangerously red, so I put it on, she complimented, I have gotten compliments on it. I put on a berry lipgloss over it to give it a shine. SOOO… my manager (AKA bossman) comes in, he says to me as a greeting as he looked at me “Whoa too bright, you need a lighter color”

Now – I could take that as a negative, or make it goofy…. So what did I do? I smile and said “well then… if that’s the case I have no problem with that, lemme wipe some off” as I grabbed his sleeve shirt he yanked it with a smile. He knew I was teasing.  Now if I took it negatively – it would have made me self-conscious and react poorly. While others heard the comment he made it could have been mean. See how a simple response with a mood can affect conversations?

You know how they say laugher is the best medicine? It is true. 😀


One of those things today – as I had to get my 3 year old son up at 5:45 am this morning to go to Oma & Opa’s house, hes fighting me to get up, I cant say I blame him. Finally hes dressed ready to go, he wants to go, and he is by the car I am loading things up, then I turn to him and dance and shaking my butt (you will hear me say “shake what ya mamma gave ya”)

“Shake, Shake…. Shake your butt!”

He respond with: eyes shut tight, shakes his head loudly said “Nooooooo! I don’t wanna shake my butt”

I couldn’t help but to giggle – of course like texted a bunch of people who appreciates the cuteness of a kid. It was so cute how he says that kind of thing. Better yet when I start singing Baby shark or If your happy and you know it… he says “no no no! don’t sing it like that” I know he must meant “don’t sing that song” I ask “So… how do you want me to sing it…? Like this….?” Then he smiles says it again “no no no, don’t sing it like that”

I started the whole thing that was done to me, it was annoying for me at the time, but I have to pass it down! “awwhh… don’t smile…. DOOONNNTTT smileeee!!!” when hes pouty of course he giggles. I love that. Now I know why it is done to me!!


Meanwhile, I just bought a bunch of index cards, ordered clear goodie bags with twist ties on Amazon, I need to hit the almond Rocca factory I have to make 20-25 goodie bags as gifts to the quilters next weekend. better get cracking!


❤ Amber — PS my friend who doing a blog self empowerment – / right here on wordpress. check it out 🙂


Happy Monday!



Morning Loves!

Today is Monday! I know a lot of the times its like uugghhh time to go back to work kind of thing, but I missed quite a few days last week due from vacation & feeling under the weather – so I am quite content today to go back to work.

I could not sleep last night, well, here is why my mind kept racing:

  1. Quilt retreat! I was just too excited, I kept seeing pictures in my head how my projects are going to look eeekkk
  2. blogging THIS blog 😀 I remembered I had snapshot this screen
  3. The camping trip coming up – I haven’t been camping in so many years, but we never took our son.

So many reasons, which is part of my anxiety issues was the mind racing, but last night it was excitement that I could not fall asleep. I woke up at 4 am with a smile a yippee thing, while I wake the husband up and hes still laying in bed while I jumped out grabbed the laptop and went into the living room to write this blog. That is a good way to start the day.

I try to wake up the right side of the bed. Today will be a good day – that is something I say pretty often “today will be a good day” I deal with quite few of no tone / ugghh people around me, and when I say it, they smile and say “why is that” I smile and say “because I said so, today will be good” I do not know what they think when they hear that, it could be a eye roll, maybe they get lifted in some ways, maybe their moods changed. Who knows. I am pretty content with my job & love my co workers – I try to stay away from those who could hurt me, but I always do my best to do what I was raised with “Treat others the way you would like to be treated”. I have few close buddies at work that I like to chat with, the interesting part is that we are so opposite and I think that is what makes us get along, when we have one who is gentle, quiet & and I am totally NOT! I am loud – for those who does not know, part of the deaf culture is the loudness, we do not hear – like in the kitchen we think we are being quiet then its banging cupboards and such. Then we have this mature lady who is so stubborn (as am I), caring, conservative , very focused – which I am pretty open, so open she would give that shock look on her face I cannot help but to giggle, it is amazing how this lady continues to be shocked when the way I talk is how I talk to my family, my in laws, my friends – recent thing I can remember her saying when I was having a babysitting issue, my friend offered to babysit for a good cup of coffee- STARBUCKS she put her food down with that puzzled look on her face “shes willing to watch your kid, for starbucks? what makes you think she will go for that?” I am like “hey she said she WANTED him!” with her eye brow lifting, and all I could do is smile.

This friend who watches our son for coffee (we both are coffee addicts just keep that in mind) she has 2 other kids 1 year old and 3 year old, which is nice – I love that 1 year old girl she is just like a badass thing going on – shes a toughie it is amazing how she is half size of John and tries to be the boss. her older son – he was quiet shy, now he has that I am going to do what I want to do, still very loving, big flirt. I am so excited to watch those kids grow, it is going to be a fun ride. I call those two boys my son and hers – DOUBLE TROUBLE that is exactly who they are!

I love seeing others reactions and I get a rise out of it, like the friend/co worker I just talked about with those puzzled look on her face, she was surprised when I had posted a naughty picture of a penis cake on my social media – I was like why not? I had fun comments and I had fun with it! (also we are both dirty minded her and I) – my husband had me make a Penis (10 inch) cake for his friend for a payback for what he did to him years ago (prank) & for his birthday. it was quite Moist! (pun intended)

Time to start getting ready for work – I normally get up at 5 am, while it is almost 430 I need to get my lunch around and get dressed.


Have a wonderful Monday

❤ Amber