Clay Mask / weekend

Good Evening Loves,

What a weekend – right now at the end, almost 6 pm, I am showered, and having this clay mask on, I could tell you the first time I tried it was around Christmas time, and I was freaking out because I could not move my face. it was the weirdest thing for me, I ended up texting my friends, they said it was completely normal. Now, doing while disciplining my 3 year old son, that is a challenge because I cannot make a expression, and I am not even sure if he takes it seriously. Now I am doing it once or twice a week, and I think it has been good for my pores. It is amazing after starting in July / August wearing makeup now I cannot leave the house without makeup on, it feels weird, today I went to go visit my grandparents / parents, and I did not wear make up, but it felt weird, I felt naked.

I was not in much pain today, I felt better, yesterday on the other hand, I felt like I was dying, and I had to make cookies, went to red robins for a birthday celebration. some people do not want me to “withdrawal” from life / miss out, but how can I miss out when I have to cancel about every time? What is the point to make plans? I keep missing so much work, I am still waiting for the date of the surgery, I am nervous, but I am trying so hard to keep everything together, it is getting harder and harder, I am tempted to cancel the surgery due to money wise too. Just a typical non busy weekend

Enjoy your sunday evening

❤ Amber


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