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My first wingtip attempt / pic

Good Morning Loves!

I could not sleep last night, it hit me I never did a wingtip before, so I think with my recovery I am going to play around and practice on my skills of eyes, I know I am pretty basic, but in my 30s I should do a bit more and get better. I think it will help me out more.

So two different brushes were used for this, since I only had the purple gel liner, I had to take the flat brush I do not remember the name of it, kind of a half triangle shape, I dipped in black shadow and went over it to make it black, but I did not put foundation or under eye thing to cover my bags / color, so I can see my flaws of unmade face. but under the eye I put some orange and a few lighter colors of my shadow. I think I need to invest into new brushes… because mine is so simple. I have not put on any settling spray, so I am going to see how long the shadow lasts, I do not want to “waste” any just for sitting around. usually I put liner on last after shadows but not today. I used the same palette from yesterday Photo Editor-20190313_110518


I think I will keep practicing on my skills, since I am going to be home for at least 2 more weeks, is there any other topics or thoughts to blog about or activities  I can do? I am unable to drive for a bit, but I do read, I have a book club next Friday, I am trying really hard to finish it, but its a drag, “A Man Name Ove” just not my cup of tea, next book I have “Friend” 1980s thriller book about a girl dies the neighbor boy brings her back to life and all kinds of bad things happen. Maybe I can re read my walking dead books. I booked my 3 year olds birthday party for June at Pump it up – he loves that place he said he wants superman theme, I am going to ask him again next week or so, and if he says the same, then I will have someone take me to the party store, this time I will do goodie bags, not buy pre made ones, and maybe some banners etc. 🙂 simple but not so big, and maybe a cake too. something to fill my time.

I cannot sew quite yet, I have not sat in the hard chairs to eat on the table yet, I do not think I will be able to sew yet. I have not sewn since October 😦 I have been bored of knitting, I finished season 6 of once upon a time – they should have left it at that – so I am not interested in season 7. so I do not want to start a new show to binge, that’s a commitment I do not want to make after my recovery. I do not plan to lay around as much.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

❤ Amber


Who deserves you and your friendship

Good Morning Loves,

It has been a while since I have updated, I have been in a huge amount of pain, but now that I had the depo shot once again, it helped a lot on the pain, its much tolerable. Sunday I had a emotional breakdown, I got tired of reaching out to people and not being heard after years of me hearing them, and being there for them, but I also know a lot of them are introverts, I am not.  So in 1 month and 7 days, I have a surgery, and my plan after that, I have started this process already, stop reaching out to others that are non responsive. My best friend told me how If I have to keep reaching out, and if it makes me feel this bad, and I put so much effort into the friendship to get so little effort back, they do not deserve my friendship, shes right. the sad part, for friendship, I guess I could really say I have less than 5 to be able to confine in, but that’s a blessing. I am a naturally a social butterfly, does not mean I share everything to everyone. Things happen for a reason.

I love my friends do not get me wrong, but I do have to surround myself with positive people, that is what my shrink said. I know that would help a ton. I managed to delete so many people off my phone their numbers / contact information, which I have no contact with for so long, including negative people. I know I deserve so much more.

Yesterday this older man who just had a back surgery and is in the wheel chair til later this year, I said to him at work:

Morning! (he smiles) today is going to be an awesome day!

yes today will be an awesome day, because you are here

of course I swooned, I mean how can I not?! then hes all like “dance your way back to work” because I was just being silly and goofy. it inspire people and smiles can be so infectious while some I have to deal with who has black clouds over their heads ALL the time, as they have no hope. that is really sad. it is so difficult to be around people who speaks of nothing but negative. You mention something good they manage to drag it down.

The question you need to ask yourself – who deserves YOUR friendship?

I have to go wake my son up – poor guy 545 am.

❤ Amber

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Good Morning Loves!

I bought the daily positive calendar for work, so today’s Love you to the Moon & the girl next to it – is the old navy sweater I have bought on black Friday sale online, and I was SO iffy to keep it, I almost returned it, I am glad I didn’t. I looked at the sweater today, and I was thinking it would be perfect for valentines day, but with the upcoming surgery I do not know if I would be at work for it, So I put it on, and I came in today took yesterday’s off “I can and I will” I laughed so much & I smiled, I know I am loved as I love others. Some thinks I peeked, but I didn’t.

Hope your day is going well 🙂 Have a wonderful day!


❤ Amber